This programme will expose the participants on the philosophy and fundamentals of Islamic banking and finance, the importance of banking and finance from Islamic economic worldview, the Shariah contracts applied and how they are structured in the products and services, the accounting perspectives; and the Shariah governance, compliance and risks related to the Islamic banking and finance industry.

Programme Structure

This programme aims to provide the fundamental knowledge of Shariah and how it is applied in Islamic banking and finance.  It highlights the structure of the products and services, the accounting treatment, the governance, compliance and the risks exposure in Islamic banking and finance industry.

Fiqh Muamalat And Islamic Legal Maxims For Banking And Finance


Islamic Economics and Banking Business

Islamic Banking Operations – Deposits

Islamic Banking Operations –

Accounting for Islamic Financial Services

Corporate Governance and Risk Management for IIFS

Islamic Wealth Management

Contemporary Issues on Islamic Banking and Finance

Programme Duration

Total of 96 hours (4 months)

Entry Requirement

Open to banking and financial institutions practitioners including executives and managers


To be determined