Privacy Policy

A) Privacy Statement

IIUM Entrepreneurship and Consultancies Sdn Bhd (“IEC”) respects the rights to your privacy and the privacy of your information when using this website (“Site”). IIUM is committed to protecting your privacy rights by providing this privacy statement and allowing you the options of how your information may be used and the choice to discontinue services as the result of your personal and non-personal information gathering when using this Site. IIUM have also designed this Site with specific security settings as to allow you to remain anonymous by choice.

B) Personal Information Privacy

IIUM remains concerned over your information security when using the Site. We take necessary measures to ensure that your personal information will not be sold, rented or given away to other companies for any purposes at all. We only ask for specific information, personal and non-personal, for well-defined purposes such as, your name, address, telephone numbers and email addresses. Detailed information may be required such as, credit card details and bank account numbers for the sole purpose of order fulfillment. Non-related information such as, personal interests and business information is for the purpose of future product offering suite to your needs and wants. All information requested from you is in the effort to fulfill, provide and improve quality of products and services offered by IIUM and its affiliated products and services. If you would like to inspect, correct, update or delete the Information stored in our database, or if you would like to stop receiving further marketing materials from us, or if you have any question or comment about our privacy policies, please contact us by sending e-mail to

C) Notification of Changes

In the event of changes in the IIUM Privacy Policy, it will be posted appropriately on IIUM homepage and other pages deemed appropriate for the period of 30 days in order to further extend our concerns for your privacy rights.